Swedish Validation Platform for AI in Pathology Imaging

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VAI-P: a Swedish National platform for AI validation in digital pathology

Speaking at this year’s Digital Pathology and AI Congress, Kevin Sandeman, Department Manager, Pathology Dept, Region Skåne, Sweden described a Swedish Validation Platform for AI in Pathology Imaging.


Artificial intelligence (AI) holds immense potential, with numerous AI-based products on the market. However, the application of
AI in clinical pathology is limited, with AI algorithms demonstrating local success. There is a need for clinical validation to ensure patient safety and clinical effectiveness.


The need for clinical validation, and general validation, is because “we are responsible for patient safety and clinical efficacy”. There is also a responsibility to ensure that money is well invested. At the same time, there is always a lack of resources for the workflow, for pathologists, and for the validation processes. AI might ameliorate these, but Kevin asked “do we have the know-how to implement it, never mind evaluate it?”


The philosophy in Sweden is one of national cooperation, to share the resources and share knowledge with a rich variation of material necessary for validation. Sweden’s regions have the responsibility to control and manage effective and patient-safe systems. Nobody else can do it. Hence the need for a national validation platform for AI.


Consequently, an AI provider can go to one place and get its product straight into a market all over the country and digital slides can be submitted in a central system. While on the other hand, the regions can make use of a technology that has been tied and tested, without having to reinvent the process on its own.


You can watch Kevin’s presentation by clicking on the image below.


Validation for AI
Presentation Slide; Three Validation Platforms for AI



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Kevin Sandeman



Kevin Sandeman,
Department Manager,
Pathology Dept,
Region Skåne,