Presentation by Eric Runde, Chief Operating Officer, Indica Labs

Towards Open Pathology with HALO AP®: A Diagnostic Digital Pathology Platform

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Scalable support of multiple AI algorithms

Eric Runde introduces Indica Labs’ efforts promoting open pathology through open standards such as OME and DICOM, while championing customer innovation by providing application programming interfaces and software development kits with our platforms. He introduces the HALO AP® platform for diagnostic digital pathology and discusses integrations with LIS | LIMS systems, image analysis and AI algorithms from Indica Labs and third-party vendors. He references a real-world case study where the Lunit SCOPE PD-L1 algorithm for non-small cell lung carcinoma is deployed via HALO AP for clinical use at Guardant Health as an example of an automated clinical workflow integrating AI algorithms with image management and LIMS systems.