The Spatial Biology Congress: Series of meetings take place in Asia, Europe, and North America every year.

Current meetings
  • International Spatial Biology Congress July 11 &12
  • Spatial Biology Congress: Asia: 21 & 22 November
Future meetings
  • American Spatial Biology Congress is scheduled for April/May 2025. (See the 2024 Agenda)

Spatial biology is heralding a revolution in our understanding of complex biological processes with significant potential for creating novel clinical insights into various disease areas.

As spatial biology continues to evolve, its impact on personalized medicine and therapeutic development is increasingly profound, making it an essential area of discussion at these meetings. A cutting-edge field within biomedical research, its interdisciplinary nature often attracts younger scientists who bring fresh perspectives and innovative approaches to the field.

Our meetings feature a “Start-Up and Pioneers Stage” where we provide space for flash oral presentations to be give by early career researchers and others.

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7 hours of networking time

World Class Speakers

Interactive Roundtables

Why attend the conference


"The mix of different audiences, from biologists, to bioinformaticians / data scientists, to solution providers. I loved the panel discussions, where the different players exchanged ideas on how to progress a field that is in its infancy."


Build new partnerships and collaborations for new research.


Flash oral presentations for start-ups and poster presentations to amplify your research to the next level

Speakers have included

Nameeta Shah

Research Scientist, Sungkyunkwan University

Nigel Jamieson

Professor of Surgery and Consultant HPB Surgeon, Group Leader of Jamieson Spatial Laboratory, Cancer Research UK Clinician Scientist, School of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow

Lingyan Shi

Assistant Professor, Shu Chien-Gene Lay Department of Bioengineering University of California, San Diego

Muzlifah Haniffa

Senior Group Leader, Wellcome Sanger Institute

Francesca D. Ciccarelli

Professor of Cancer Genomics, Lead, Principal Group Leader, Queen Mary University of London, Centre for Cancer Genomics and Computational Biology, Bart’s Cancer Institute, The Francis Crick Institute

Stephen Wong

Scientist and Chair Professor, Houston Methodist Hospital and Professor of Weill Cornell Medicine

Jiwoon Park

Postdoctoral Associate at Harvard Medical School and Weill Cornell Medicine

Henrik Failmezger

Associate Director, Spatial Data Science, AstraZeneca

Nicholas Banovich

Associate Professor and Director, Translational Genomics Research Institute Center for Single Cell and Spatial Multiomics

Tze Guan Tan

Associate Principal Scientist, Merck Sharp & Dohme

Thierry Voet

Professor and Director, KU Leuven Institute of Single Cell Omics

Alex Klimowicz

Senior Principal Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim

Hidewaki Nakagawa

Team Leader, RIKEN Center of Integrative Medical Sciences

Miao-Ping Chien

Assistant Professor and Principal Investigator, Erasmus University Medical Center; Oncode Institute

Elizabeth Neumann

Assistant Professor, University California Davis

Quan Nguyen

Senior Research Fellow, University of Queensland, Australia

Stephanie Craig

Lecturer in Precision Medicine, Queens University Belfast

Maryam Afkarian

Richard A. and Nora Eccles Harrison Endowed Chair in Diabetes Research, Depner Endowed Professor of Medicine, Division of Nephrology, Department of Medicine, University of California, Davis

Shyam Prabhakar

Associate Director, Spatial and Single Cell Systems; Senior Group Leader, Systems Biology and Data Science, Genome Institute of Singapore, A*STAR

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To be a part of the meetings speaker panel email

Mike Burden on for North American and Europe and JoanDee on for Asia

Series Sponsors

To discuss sponsoring the European and North American meetings contact Gavin Hambrook –, telephone +44 (0) 7538368764; for Asian meetings contact Reuben Raj –, telephone +603 2779 0098

Our Commitment To Sustainability

Global Engage is committed to hosting sustainable meetings.

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An international meeting does involve travel but where it is practical, please consider more sustainable alternatives to flying. The app will also have a discussion space to arrange ride shares.

Upcoming events

International Spatial Biology Congress

The International Spatial Biology Congress returns to The Netherlands, and brings together over 20 presentations and interactive discussions to dive deeper into the latest spatial technologies and research.


The Hague, The Netherlands


11 th Jul 2024 to 12 th Jul 2024


Spatial Biology


Life Science

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Spatial Biology Congress: Asia

The Spatial Biology Congress Asia returns to Singapore, and brings together over 20 presentations and interactive discussions to dive deeper into the latest spatial technologies and research.




21 st Nov 2024 to 22 nd Nov 2024


Spatial Biology


Life Science

Multibuy discount available

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