Watch selected Presentations form the 2024 Global MASLD Congress exploring Novel Biomarkers and Diagnostics Clinical Development and Clinical Trial Data and Recent updates in MASH pathogenesis.


MASH/MASLD incidence rates are continuing to rise globally year after year as the disease continues to be a global health concern. With one pharmaceutical drug now having received regulatory approval, there are also a number of therapeutics in late phase clinical trials; case studies of which will be discussed at the congress as well as pre-clinical developments. Potential alternatives for MASH diagnosis in the form of non-invasive biomarkers will be explored to replace the invasive liver biopsy. Advances in the research of MASH disease mechanisms such as genetic predisposition, gut microbiome and mitochondrial dysfunction will be covered as the disease pathology continues to be complex and not fully understood.

Also explored

Clinical and pre-clinical case studies from top companies working on MASH/MASLD therapeutics (Madrigal Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca, Inventiva, etc.)
Updates on a range of MASH disease mechanisms to further understand the pathogenesis of the disease
Non-invasive diagnosis and assessment of MASH in real-world clinical practice
The latest regulatory updates of how to achieve MASH drug approval

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